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Shaving Machines

SJ-blade refills5 Shaving Machines

SJ-blade refills5

SJ-blade refills5| SmileJ

Sj_3B_6R Shaving Machines


SJR3 and a lot more of SmileJ

SJR2 Shaving Machines


disposable razor for men by smilej is formulated with Aloe vera and 2 blades that offers a smooth shave the first time around, without cutting sensitive skin. It slides easily the contour of your face and can easily be cleaned.

SJR3 Shaving Machines


smilej triple blade Featuring lubricating strip enhances glide along the contours of your face while you shave, the comfort Disposable Razor delivers a close, efficient shave to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. For added convenience.

Mini Handle Shaving Machines

Mini Handle

smilej razors for women are designed with a woman’s body in mind. smilej  razors are designed to help reveal touchably smooth skin. is a portable compact women’s razor which easily fits into your purse, travel or gym bag. With five blades and a water activated ribbon of moisture, it gives you an extra smooth shave on the go

SJ 5RB Shaving Machines


5 blades to ensure high quality shaving.
Aloe & Vitamin E Lubricating strip for smooth shaving.
Ergonometric handle provides steady grip.

SJ Refill S55 Blades Shaving Machines

SJ Refill S55 Blades

Razor blade refills. New 5 blade shaving technology:5 blades for superior comfort and close shave. For sensitive skin.

SJ R4 Shaving Machines


4 Blades Sweden stainless steel blade to ensure high quality shaving. Aloe & vitamin E lubricating strip for smooth shaving. Surrounded lubrication strip for safety shaving.

SJ Blades Shaving Machines

SJ Blades

Women Razor blades refills(2 Pieces). Aloe & Vitamin E lubricating strip for smooth shaving. No need for separate shaving cream.

SJ_R3 TRIPLE3700603 Shaving Machines

SJ_R3 TRIPLE3700603

Triple blade:
The first blade stretches whisker to allow first shaving.
the second blade shaves the remaining.
third blade gives the closest shaving.

SJ Beauty Razor Shaving Machines

SJ Beauty Razor

These stainless steel beauty easily shape your Eyebrows.

SJ Eyebrow Razor Shaving Machines

SJ Eyebrow Razor

Foldable style cosmetic eyebrow razor trimmer blade shaver for women.

SJ Bikini Shaving Machines

SJ Bikini

It has been designed to give you a close, safety and comfortable shave. Low cutting force blade makes shaving closely. Aloe & Vitamin E lubricating strip for smooth shaving.

SJ Beauty Razors Shaving Machines

SJ Beauty Razors

These stainless steel beauty razors easily help shaping eye brows.

SJ R4+ Shaving Machines

SJ R4+

Blades Sweden stainless steel blade ensure high quality shaving. Aloe & Vitamin E lubricating strip for smooth shaving. 3 pieces.

SJ 4RB Shaving Machines


4 Blade technology. Lubricating strip with aloe & Vitamin E. Pivoting head adjusts to the contours of your skin.

SJ Razor Stainless Steel Shaving Machines

SJ Razor Stainless Steel

Gentleman stainless steel Swedish blades that are a packet of 10 blades.